Our family has been given the unique opportunity of loving a little boy that was given just days to live. Liam came to us at six days old with the prognosis of living only two weeks to two months. I am beyond proud to tell you that he is now 14 months old and a pure joy to behold! Liam was born with only a brain stem due to what his neurologist believes was a bi-lateral massive stroke in-utero. Because of his lack of brain, Liam is severely developmentally and physically delayed. At 14 months he cannot hold his head up, sit up, or roll over. He will never walk or talk but he has filled our hearts and home with a very special love. Liam began seeing Dr. Jonathan Stevens over two months ago. Liam was having 15 seizures a day, not sleeping through the night and having great difficulty with his bowel movements. Dr. Jon was so kind and tender with Liam during his first adjustment. Although Dr Jon did not do a “full” adjustment on Liam I was beyond surprised to see results immediately! After his first adjustment I brought Liam home and put him down for his nap. For the first time since Liam had his shunt placed at one month of age, he slept with his head straight, not turned to one side! This allowed Liam to relax his left arm and have a peaceful nap! I could not believe it! I took a picture and sent it to Dr. Jon right away! One treatment and we were seeing results! I can’t say Liam always sleeps through the night, but the majority of the nights he does! As Liam was seeing Dr. Jon weekly he was adjusted a little more with each visit. By his third visit we realized that on the day of Liam’s adjustments he was only have two seizures! At first I questioned myself, but my husband and daughter began counting the seizures and it is true! On the days that Liam is adjusted he usually has only one or two seizures. Gone are the days of 15 seizures! The most he has now, toward the end of his week are 5-6 seizures a day!!!! There is no other explanation; it is having his body in alignment! One other major concern of ours with Liam is he is losing his push power. He no longer can have a BM on his own. We need to help him along with glycerin suppositories. I told Dr. Jon this about a month into his adjustments. Dr. Jon worked a little differently on Liam and now within 24 hours of his adjustment Liam masters his own BM. To anyone else these might be small victories, but to us, they are little miracles given to a special little boy who has touched the lives of many!"

- Renee (Liam turned 2 in May 2016)

A couple months ago I came to see Dr. Jon. I was miserable; tired and in pain constantly. I am 33 but felt much older. For example, I couldn’t even finish cleaning my kitchen after dinner without having to sit down a few times. I have 3 kids and I couldn’t exactly keep up with them without having to sit or nap. I was no longer focused at my job because I was exhausted all the time. Dr. Jon told me that he was going to get me an appointment with Blake to see what was going on. I received my scan and knew right then, that I had to start the HealthMax Center plan. This is what I have been looking for. Within the first week I lost 11 pounds. Not only did I lose 11 pounds, my aches and pains went away. I had more stamina to do things mom’s need to do. Now after 5 weeks, I am down 25 ½ pounds. I feel great! I can keep up with my children without having to feel like I need to stop or take a nap. I forgot to mention all of the stomach issues I had before the TrimMax Center program. Guess what, I haven’t had any in the past 5 weeks. That is a great feeling! I have been sleeping better. No tossing or turning. My husband even commented that my snoring has been better, which I am sure he appreciates. My joy is back. I am focused more at work and with my children. I feel so thankful and blessed to have reached out to Dr. Jon about my issues and to Blake for the education and support. Both Dr. Jon and Blake have been there for me since day 1. I cannot thank them enough. You owe it to yourself to start the HealthMax Center program today

- Kristin.

I was discouraged and had nearly given up hope that it was possible for me to obtain the level of health that I wanted nor be the size that I wanted to be.  I had struggled with weight for most of my life.  It's been a roller coaster of ups and downs.  After I had successfully lost 60 pounds and kept it off for over 3 years, close to half of the weight crept back on.  Logically, it didn't make sense to me.  I was still being careful to control my intake of certain things, like carbohydrates.  I remained active and was able to run 4 miles at a time several times a week.   Despite my dedication to efforts that had worked in the past and should have worked on most people, I was not able to feel or see any progress.  My unhappiness with myself was causing increased stress and negatively affecting all aspects of my life.  Thoughts of feeling better about the way I looked consumed my thoughts frequently and caused sadness and disappointment in myself.   Then, the "angels" at HealthMax Center came into my life, and gave me back hope.  I was aware of their success with helping others achieve their health goals through the HealthMax Center program and I believed that they could help me as well.  I was particularly thrilled that I would be able to see results quickly enough to keep me motivated and engaged until I could reach my goal. The program was simple to follow.   The plan made sense and conditioned me to eat more healthfully than I had ever done before.   I immediately saw the scale move down and it gave me renewed hope.  I began looking forward to waking up every day so that I could see my progress.   I became enamored with vegetables for the first time in my life.  Besides the progress on the scale, I noticed other positive effects of the plan.  My skin looked better, my energy level boomed, and I would find myself feeling really happy like I hadn't felt for quite a while.   My resolve never wavered throughout my plan and when I hit a plateau, I received support and encouragement, which helped me through.  I discovered a strength and resolve in myself that I never knew I had before.  I lost 23 pounds and exceeded my goal for fitting into my clothes (many are now too big!).  The best part is that I've continued the path that TrimMax Center started me on.  I've learned how strong I am and what a difference it makes to make smart and healthy nutritional choices.  I now know what and how much my body and mind really need to stay healthy, strong, and happy and the healthy eating and lifestyle habits are now ingrained in me, plus I'm still losing!  I cannot thank the "angels" at HealthMax Center enough for helping me transform into a happier, healthier, and more confident version of myself.  Thank you!   

- Stephanie


The HealthMax Center offers a holistic approach to healthcare. Dr. Jon has provided super care for many issues that kept me from reaching my personal health goals. He has also provided practical sound advice, encouragement, compassion, and lots of laughter- all things a patient needs for the body and soul. As you enter the facility, you are welcomed by Dr. Jon and Blake as if you were a member of the family. In fact, they refer to every patient as a member of the HealthMax family. The office is full of positive energy and it's contagious. HealthMax offers informative classes that include various aspects of nutrition, individual nutritional counseling, weekly workouts. They even provide frequent educational newsletters and even amazing massage therapy. The decision to make Chiropractic a vital part of my weekly healthcare regimen was a smart move. The decision to join the HealthMax Center was the best decision.


When I started the HealthMax Center program – I weight 232 LBS. I’ve been on this cleanse for 8 Weeks and I currently weigh 202 LBS.

I refer to this program as a cleanse because through this program I have cleansed my body of toxins and chemicals. Before this program I occasionally got migraines, and frequently had headaches, I also constantly had to take Ginger Root because of upset stomachs. In 8 weeks I haven’t had a migraine, I’ve had 1 minor headache, and the only time I’ve taken Ginger Root was after a meal at a restaurant where I wasn’t careful about what I ate. I have more energy, and feel better than I have in years. I have constantly been trying on clothes, and just last week I fit into an outfit I wore in college.

For anyone who cares about their health and wants to feel good every day, I highly recommend this program. I started this program because I was sick of the way I was feeling and I was willing to try anything for 30 days. Here I am 60 days later, 30 LBS. lighter and feeling incredible.

 Thanks HealthMax Center!!!
- Melanie