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​​Think Fat Loss NOT Weight Loss. Lose 15-40+LBS in 40 days!


HealthMax Center offers an Exclusive Technology Based Fat Loss System.

Our doctor supervised program is comprehensive and customized based on the HealthMax Technology (HMCT).

This technology is FDA Cleared and is a simple, painless and quick “fingerprint” of the body and its internal imbalances.

The information that we are able to generate based on your results allows the doctor to access the areas that are inhibiting your weight loss and overall wellness challenges.

Throughout our 40 Day Program you will not only burn 1-2 pounds of fat per day, but you will also balance your hormones and adrenal glands, detox at the cellular level, reset your metabolism, hypothalamus and weight set point.

(Women on average lose 27-33 pounds. Men on average lose 37-43 pounds)

NO Pre-Packaged Meals,

NO Exercise Required,

NO Hunger,

NO Chemicals or Drugs!