As a young man, I was in a major motor vehicle accident. I was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and epilepsy. The doctors told my family that I would not fully recover. After months of therapy, I started matriculation at Ferris State University in Michigan. I graduated majoring in Nuclear Medicine and Health Care Systems Administration.

My professional life began in 2007 working in the hospital setting in SC. I watched for 3 years as people came in to receive health, but only left sick.  In 2009, I traveled to Kenya on my first mission trip. I mentally never returned home. Later that year I left a career in Nuclear Medicine and Computed Tomography to pursue ministry in the field. I traveled the globe as His hands and feet helping to restore lives to those that had lost hope in disasters.

Upon my return to the US in 2012, I married my beautiful wife, Kelly. I had watched as Chiropractic transformed her life. No modern medicine could diagnose what she suffered from. It is a blessing to say that she suffers no longer and is living who she was meant to be.

After our wedding, a prophetic word was spoken over my life to enter the chiropractic field. As a graduate in 2016, miracles of healing have come with a touch from these hands (Mark 16:17-18).  He has given me a multitude of gifts. Of these, my hands are now at His service for you. 

Dr. Justin Dick, D.C.

Chiropractor, Functional Movement Technique Specialist and CLEAR Institute Certified Doctor

Dr. Jonathan Stevens, D.C.

Chiropractor, Wellness, and Fitness Professional

Dr. Jonathan Stevens loves helping people! He takes that dedicated passion to work every day and our members see and feel it whenever they enter our office. It is quite obvious that his focused goal is to help each person “feel well so that they can live well,” whether it is an individual under his care, or an entire family. He is a former athlete and received his undergraduate degree at Wingate University and his Doctor of Chiropractic at Life University in Marietta, GA. Dr. "Jon" is widely known for his approach to life and work and heart to serve. He has advanced training degrees in nutrition, exercise, toxicity, and structural correction.

During each member’s visits, personal needs and goals are up front and center stage. Dr. Jon carefully blends ongoing patient education, nutrition, and fitness with personalized chiropractic care to provide practical health and wellness choices for members at HealthMax Center.

In the Charlotte community, Dr. Jon is an advocate and leader in the health profession. His compassion for lifelong learning is contagious and he is on a mission to create a culture of health and healing here and around the world.