The Intensive Care Treatment Plan is typically provided to patients who must travel a great distance to a CLEAR Scoliosis Center.  Treatment is provided twice daily over a span of one or two weeks. The Plan also has a home rehabilitation program that must be done daily as well. For more information about the treatment plan that would be best for you, please contact the office at 704.759.9020 and Dr. Justin will review your case and x-rays to make the appropriate recommendation.


CLEAR treatment begins with a complete physical examination and a series of x-rays.  The information from the physical examination and x-rays is used to create an individualized treatment plan for every patient.


Treatment sessions last approximately two hours, and consist of three phases, informally termed, “Mix, Fix, and Set.”

Phase 1: Mix
The first phase is designed to prepare the body for treatment.  It includes warm-up exercises, massage, and other therapies designed to relax the muscles and the spine.

Phase 2: Fix
The second phase involves specialized chiropractic adjustments that do not involve the chiropractor using his hands to rotate or “twist” the patient’s head.  Rather, advanced mechanical adjusting instruments are used to provide gentle, precise correction. Adjustments are also performed on the back, hips, and other areas.

Phase 3: Set
The third phase consists of specialized exercises that influence posture, balance, and coordination.  They activate specific muscle groups along the spine, as well as specific areas of the brain, to change how the brain and the body work together to achieve a balanced, more natural position.


A typical treatment session involves a variety of exercises, therapies and adjustments meant to improve the patient’s comfort level and rehabilitate the spine. Since treatment plans are customized to each patient, no two patients will experience an identical treatment session. To learn more about what to expect during treatment call today.

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