Weight Loss

​Thursday, Jan. 25th

​6:30 pm

Toxic Temptation: Blood Sugar Workshop

​Saturday, Jan. 27th

8:30 am

HMC Burst Training

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I cannot thank the "angels" at HealthMax Center enough for helping me transform into a happier, healthier, and more confident version of myself.  Thank you! 




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Think Fat loss NOT Weight Loss! With HealthMax Center Weight Loss we can help you lose 15-40lbs in 40 days with no pre-packaged food, no exercise, no hunger, no chemicals or drugs.

​Saturday, Jan. 6th

8:30 am

  HMC Burst Training

​Saturday, Jan. 20th

​8:30 am

HMC Burst Training

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Saturday, Jan. 13th

​8:30 am

HMC Burst Training

Have you ever wondered what Chiropractic is? Looking for a different wy to manage your health and wellness? HealthMax Center is focused on changing the way you view your health and healthcare.

​Saturday, Jan. 13th

​11:00 am

Healthy Options: Cooking Class